Using Interval of visual builder

Hi all
I am using visual builder of kibana to create an visualize for TPS. in the Time series part of kibana I used "Count" aggregation and in Option part I set interval as 1s (because the desire result is number of transaction per second and by setting interval as auto it gives me wrong result), on the other hand in the time range panel of kibana "Last 15 minutes" has been considered. the graph of visual builder results as following which is so dense (show results per 1 second):

while in the "Line" type visualize when i defined interval of X-Axis as "Second" it calculate the correct TPS (count the results per 1 second) and also show the results sparser (in the case of time range "Last 15 minutes" shows result per 5 seconds) as following:


how can i handle this issue in visual builder case so that count the result per 1 second but show them automatically sparser based on the time range

any advice will be so appreciated


I'm pretty sure this rescaling is not available in the time series visual builder (I might be wrong).

I would create an enhancement request here:

many thanks

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