Showing TPS on line visulaize

Hi all,
In the kibana version 6.5.4, we can create a line visualize which shows tps (count per second) using following setting, so that by choosing any time rang, it shows the same tps value:

But, in the kibana version 7.13.1, the output is not same as version 6.5.4, so that choosing different time rage ( for example 15 minute ago or 1 hour ago and so on) leads to different value of tps:

In addition, setting 1s in json field leads to following message

Could you please advise me in order to build a visualize which shows the correct tps value in any time range?

Hi @sahere37 ,

In Kibana, you can only define minimum interval - most of the time it works fine for the timeranges chosen, but not always. So for example, if your timerange is 1 hour, and you've defined minimum interval of 1s, you will get 3600 buckets of data. If you have timerange of 1 month, you would get over 2 million buckets if the interval is precise. This is a performance issue for ES and kibana and that's why the interval used will be much bigger than the minimum, to not create so many buckets.

However, if what interests you is the actual speed of data/timeunit, you can use Lens visualization with Normalize by unit setting. That would give you the 'speed' of your data per chosen unit and doesn't depend on the chosen/calculated interval. Let me know if that helps!

Many thanks.

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