Showing tps in TSVB in kibana

Hi all,
I am using kibana version 7.13.1 TSVB visualize to show TPS (COUNT per Second). the output graph is as following in "Last 15 minutes" in the case of setting "Override index pattern" No and using auto interval (according following image, TPS range is about 8-28):

Selecting different time range lead to different TPS value whereas non of these values are correct, for example using "Last 30 minutes" (TPS range is about 40-70 according to below image):

Both of the above TPS range are wrong and auto interval leads to incorrect TPS value. The real TPS in the case of setting "interval" in "Override index pattern" to "1s" is as following ( the real TPS is about 0-9) which in any time range is similar :

figure: in the case of last 1 minute:

figure in the case of last 15 minutes:

In these cases, TPS value is correct but kibana visualize show many data which is not user friendly. How can set the settings so that shows true TPS in a user friendly view?
Any advise will be so appreciated. Regards.

Hi there, I think my response from this post might help you here: Showing TPS on line visulaize - #2 by Marta_Bondyra

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Hi Dear Marta_Bondyra,

The issue has been solved by adding "params.count / (params._interval / 1000)" expression in math aggregation.


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