Change background color of a 'controls' visualization component

Is it possible to change the background color of a 'controls' visualization component?

Thank you

Am not quite sure why are you trying to do u have a use case for it ? Can you show a mock up ? Currently there is no easy way to do it unless u hack around the code.


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Hello @rashmi, thank you for the reply.
I wanted to differentiate the 'controls' component from the rest of the visualization components to make it more clear/eye-catching to the user and distinguish it as a filtering toolbar rather than 'one of the visualizations'.
Some of my colleagues express their interest in seeing the 'controls' component as a more distinguish/separate part of the dashboard.

Do you have any idea/alternative to reach the same goal?

there is no way to make it more visible. You could try adding two long markdown visualizations above and below it, with some color or characters to frame it, but that's pretty much it.


Thank you for the reply and for the suggestion!

@Marius_Dragomir, thanks again.
I have 3 more questions in the blog, I would really appreciate an answer to. Is there any way to get them on someone's radar?
1 - Timelion won't show anything in the graph for any metric other than "count"
2 - Selecting multiple time-frames to compare data/performace
3 - Canvas filter's title - How can I replace the "--ANY--"?

Working on them, there's a pretty large queue.

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I completely understand! Thank you so much

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