How to modify visualisations from Kibana in Canvas?

Hello everyone,

I am creating a report with Canvas. I'm adding charts that I've already created in Visualize and I would like to know if it's possible to:

  • modify the color used in the legend of the chart;
  • remove the little time range box that appears when adding the charts from Kibana

Thank you for your help

With one of the latest releases we save the color with the visualization, so you can have the colors the same when you import it. They are mostly considered static object when importing so you can only edit them from the Visualize app.

As for the time picker, I don't think it can be removed, but if you layer something else above it in Canvas you can just hide it.

Thanks for you answer.

Concerning the color in the legend, I’ve misspoken (my bad!), I mean the color of the text used in the legend of a visualization. Because it doesn’t fit with the white font. Is there any solution?

Thank you in advance.

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