Timelion won't show anything in the graph for any metric other than "count"

I am using a version lower than 7.4 and most metrics (all but count) do not show any data in the diagram. I am working with Kibana (and ELK) 7.5. Any suggestions?

Sample working query:
.es(index=jos_data*, timefield=@timestamp, metric=count)

Sample query not working:
.es(index=jos_data*, timefield=@timestamp, metric=avg:message.payload.severity)

Is the field message.payload.severity field a numeric one? Otherwise it won't display any data.

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Yes, it is. I can do sum but not avg

Can you post a screenshot of it?

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@Marius_Dragomir, absolutely.
You can see here that message.payload.severity is a number:
sum severity

and if I use sum it works just fine, as you can see in the graph:

But when I use avg, the graph does not show and it sets itself into a y-range with nothing showing:
avg severity

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