Kibana 4.1: overlap different time ranges in one visualization?

Hi all,

we are using kibana to visualize processing times, etc.
When we run load tests we want to compare the results (graph) easily to our baseline.

My current workaround is to render both time ranges with the same scale on x and y axis, copy it and overlap and align them in a program like gimp.

Is it possible in kibana itself, maybe with the use of some plugins, to render the average of a field "processingTime"? Graph one (e.g. in red) should show my baseline (01.01.2016 00:00:00 - 01:25:00). The second overlapping graph should render my test run (05.01.2016 11:00:00 - 12:10:00).

As result the vizualization is starting on x axis where both of the tests began.

I hope I could explain what I want. Is it possible to do this? A solution for kibana 4.1.11 has highest prio, because I am currently frozen on an old ES. But if it only works in kibana 5, maybe it is a reason to update.

Thanks, Andreas

Hmm, unfortunately there isn't a way to accomplish this. For updates, you can follow the ticket on GitHub:

Yo can do this in a Timelion viz.

I am trying to get warm with timelion, but I only found a few tutorials, but unfortunately no tutorial which matches my problem. Can you give a hint or a small example, how to filter for 2 different time intervals (we need to filter @timestamp range) and overlapp them in the same visualization and aligne the start time of each interval to the same point at the x axis?

The offset function is what you are after.

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