Multiple ranges on x axis

How do I display multiple ranges on x axis on a Kibana Graph?

If I understand your question correctly, I believe you are looking for something like this: If so, that isn't currently supported in Kibana but you could use Timelion, a Kibana plugin, for it instead.

If I didn't understand your question, could you please elaborate on it, perhaps with an example? Thanks.

I did give Kibana a try.
The support that Kibana provided is pretty limited. Is there a way to generate the query criteria using the discover pane?

Apologies but I'm not sure I understand. Kibana generates the query criteria automatically based on the visualizations you create and the search query/filters you might specify using the search bar at the top of Kibana:

Does that help or were you asking about something else?

Sorry I meant to say timelion. I have been able to do the offset grapghs with timelion. When I showed it to the users they complained it is too difficult to generate the query pattern. They want an easy graphical interface for generating the query.

Ah, gotcha. Yeah, we don't currently have a GUI for generating queries. Feel free to create an issue for an enhancement request in Also, pull requests are always welcome :slight_smile:

As per your suggestion I created an issue.
"GUI for generating the data source string #157"

Any guidance on how the capability can be developed?

Any guidance on how the capability can be developed?

As timelion is open-source the capability will get developed by whoever might be sufficiently motivated to build it. This usually requires understanding the codebase and then submitting a pull request to add to it.