Calling dashboard from another dashboard

i am using kibana 6.3.1. in my one dashboard, i used a control object and i am changing the dashboard with the control object.

is it possible to call the dashboard from another dashboard with control object parameter?



Can you clarify what you mean by "call the dashboard"? Maybe an example would help?

i am preparing two dashboards. in the first dashboard, there are summary informations. For example , list of all customers and their summary informations.

And in the second dashboard, there are detail informations for each customer and i am managing the dashboard with a control object. i can select a customer from the control object, and the dashboard shows the selected customer's information.

So, i want to open the second dashboard by clicking a customer in the first dashboard and the second dashboard should run for the clicked customer in the first dashboard.

is it possible?



This is not yet possible. There is an open enhancement issue. Please +1 or comment with your use case. That helps use gauge interest and the more use cases help better define the feature

Hi @Nathan_Reese,

I'd like to open Discover after Dashboard click. (More details)
Is that possible ?

Thanks for advance.

That is not possible but it sounds like an interesting feature. Please open up a feature request and describe how you would like it to work and how you would envision configuring a visualization or dashboard to point to discover after clicking on something.

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