Is there a way to switch between dashboard views with one click?

I think it would be nice if there was a single-step way to switch between Dashboard views in Kibana. Currently in 7.9.1 you have to navigate out of a dashboard back to /app/kibana#/dashboards and then select a new dashboard.

A menu of all available dashboards that is accessible across all dashboards would be nice so that the view can be changed without navigating back through the main dashboard page. I'm sorry if this exists and I haven't found it.

You can make a "menu" of the dashboards you want to link between in Markdown and add it to all your dashboards. I've also did this in Vega before to simulate a quick link menu between dashboards.

Hi @markroland, I don't think we have a special button for it, but you could create a markdown visualization with the links you need, something like:

Thanks! That's definitely workable.

I think ideally it would be outside of the dashboard itself.

Is there an appropriate place to make a feature request for that?

Can put in a Kibana feature request on github.

Thanks everyone. I'm very impressed by the responsiveness of this forum!

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