How to or is there a way to get Dashboards on Kibana to rotate between other dashboards?

Hey, Just a little question.
Am on ELK 7.4.0.

I am working with some dashboards within Kibana, have created a few of them. The list of dashboards are great but is there a possible way of getting, for example three dashboards, to preform a continuous cycle of switching between themselves? Instead of having to manually going into the dashboard area and clicking through the list or putting them on three separate tabs in the browser and flicking between them.

Or is this not possible yet?

Thank you!

This is not currently possible with Dashboards. However, it is possible to cycle between slides in a Workpad in Canvas. Perhaps you can rebuild your dashboard as slides in Canvas instead?

Ah yes!
Will go and give this a go, thank you!

Do you think down the line Dashboards will have this functionality?

There is a feature request for this here: but I do not see any recent updates. You can add your need and specific use case as a comment on that issue. That may help us decide if and how to implement this feature.

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