Calling shorten URL api from watcher

In the post below, I'm investigating if it's possible for a painless script to call the shortened URL api. I realize that is not possible. Now I'm wondering if the watcher, through a web hook possibly, can call the shortened URL api, receive the response, then pass the result (the short URL) to the payload of another action.

Basically, our watchers send a kibana dashboard link to the payload of one of our action webhooks. I'm trying to see if I can shorten the URL.

Original post:

Hi Matt, I think your best bet would be to create a webhook action that hits an API endpoint on your server. Inside of that API handler, you could hit the shorten URL API and do whatever else you need to with the watch payload.

The one thing I don't believe you can do is return the response from the webhook to watcher and perform other actions.

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