Long URL watcher status[414]" in Kibana

Hi All,

Looking for some urgent kind suggestion here please for Long URL copy/post URL when deploying watcher.

Copy/post URL is too long to implement in watcher so I tried to shorten by enabling " state:storeInSessionStorage " from the advanced settings in Kibana Version 7.6.2

However, it still didn't work and I'm looking for some expedite help for the deployment of this long URL. We don't prefer to use any external URL shortner as part of using third party stuff company policy.

Any help/ guidance is much appreciated.

Is this for the email action in Watcher that uses the reporting attachment type?

It might be possible to switch Watcher to use the webhook action and trigger reporting in Kibana with a request that has a POST body instead of a long URL. However, with that route, you will not receive automated emails with the report as an attachment.

I can offer more help if I understood the use case better.

Thank you for your reply! We shorten the path using the below format:
"Short url target path must be in the format "/app/{{appId}}", found "/api/reporting/generate/printablePdf""

It was working and all of a sudden we saw another error today:
Error: Protocol error (Runtime.callFunctionOn): Target closed."}]" }

Would you know what could have caused this issue

Did you have a PNG or PDF report that failed with that error? Check that the Kibana server has enough free RAM available to run the Kibana server and the headless Chromium browser that loads the page for screenshot. The server should have at least 4GB total.

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