Kibana Short url error

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Hi Folks,
I am using kibana version 5.1.1
I am trying to create Kibana short url from search filter but while opening the short url, its giving following error on browser:

502 Bad Gateway
The server returner an invalid or incomplete response.

Long url character count - 20000

However short url created from long url with minimum filter with character count lets say 500 character, is working fine.

So my question is , Is there any limit of long url from which can be converted to short url, exceeding this limit may cause this error?

Please help me find the issue.

Below is the screenshot:

(Lee Drengenberg) #2

What browser are you using? Internet Explorer has issues at shorter lengths (about 2083 chars long) compared to Chrome or Firefox.

When you say;

do you mean a Saved Search from Discover? I just want to make sure I understand where you're starting from.


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