Short URL redirect problem Internet Explorer


Hi guys,

I have a Dashboard in Kibana (6.5.0) which has a pretty long URL (more than 2000 characters). That's why I cannot open the dashboard in Internet Explorer. Generating a
short URL ( ) didn't help, because the short URL is being redirected to the 'long' one, that can't be opened from Internet Explorer. So how can I make my dashboard work in IE?

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(kulkarni) #2

You need to use the short url setting in advanced settings
and Kibana tracks UI state in the URL, which can lead to problems when there is a lot of information there and the URL gets very long. Enabling " state:storeInSessionStorage " - will store parts of the state in your browser session instead, to keep the URL shorter.



Thank you very much @rashmi :slight_smile: This is the solution I was looking for!

(kulkarni) #4

Glad to have helped.