Markdown SHORT URL links - Bad Gateway

Hi everyone!

We're experiencing the following problem:

We have serveral dashboards in our Kibana being one of them the "main" dashboard from where we click on some pictures and leaves us right into the sub-dashboards.

Well some of them are large dashboards with many visualizations so the URL of this dashboards can be really long.

So we use instead the SHORT URL of the dashboards as the image links on our main dashboard. Some of them (the smallest dashboards) works perfectly (the user click on the image and it is redirected to the sub-dasboard) but even using the SHORT URL, when click on the images that should redirect us to the large dashboard it fails and return: BAD GATEWAY.

I've seen some posts related to this bug in this forum but noone seems to have fixed this problem. We also triyed out enabling:


[experimental] Kibana tracks UI state in the URL, which can lead to problems when there is a lot of state information, and the URL gets very long. Enabling this setting stores part of the URL in your browser session to keep the URL short.

Did someone found a fix for it or a workaround? is there some browser configuration that can help to resolve this issue?.

Thank you very much indeed,
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Can you please let us know which version of the stack you are on?



We're in "number" : "6.2.4",

Thank you!
Best regards!

@lukeelmers / @flash1293 can you please grab this. The URLs work for me. So I am not sure what I am missing here.



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