Kibana markdown - clickable location for an image linked to URL


I am seeing an issue with my current deployment of version 8.6.0 where a linked image is only clickable in a small portion at bottom. When editing the visual, the behaviour was correct where I was able to click anywhere on the image and it would open up in a new tab the link. When the visuals is saved and presented in a dashboard, this is when the behaviour changes and you can only click on a small portion of the bottom of the image. A toy example of the markdown is as follows:


It was discovered, via inspections, if the pointer-events was disabled, the behaviour was revert back to what I was used to, where I could click the whole image and it would open a tab to the associated link.


Hi Mike, do you have an image missing from your post?

No image missing from my post, the markdown was just a toy example of how I created associated a url link to an image where I would have it open in a new tab.

The markdown is not the issue nor is it an issue while you are editing the visual. Once you add it to a dashboard and try to click, it only works (opens the tab to the linked url) if you click on the bottom like 5-10 pixels of the image.

I can take a video of what the issue, if you like. But, you should easily reproduce it when the comments I made.


Actually I'd like to clarify what you're seeing in Kibana, what you're trying to do to see if a potential defect needs to be raised.

To confirm, you're saying the issue you have is that you have a clickable image included in a Kibana dashboard using Markdown, which you expect to open the link in the new tab? Is this behaviour you've seen working in a prior version, which now doesn't work in 8.6.0?

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