Kibana and the markdown widget

I meet a problem ...
i create a table with a few links (links to dashboards) using the markdown widget
I saved that table with a name...
i copied that saved that table on each of the destination dashboard
after that
I open any dashboard and can follow any link to any dashboard destination
so it runs well.

but the opened dashboard is without the saved table registered on it !!!!
and more if i close all then re/open that destination dashboard, the table is well saved on it !

Can you provide a few screenshots showing this?

The presentation is correct, there's no fault. I think that is because of the shortcut, when i call the dashboard it does not take the updated dashboard but the old one , the dashboard referred with the shortcut and the dashboard without the widget, it is time based! I wanted to test this that morning but :

but ... since 5 hours i cannot start correctly kibana from my local machine.
Graphs are not correct. I uninstalled and reinstalled firefox , update java set the kibana 4.2.1 but same behavior, Kibana is opened but not correctly
i cannot visualize any of my graphs (same for discover, visualize, settings and dashboard)
it is only the visualization part which is out because from a distant machine graphs are correctly seen.
i have no idea !!!! :frowning:

I finally installed again chrome and that's ok