Dashboard Not Saving

When I create a dashboard using Kibana4 and his the save button I get a ribbon on top of the screen that states Dashboard Saved but when I navigate away from the page and back, the dashboard is not save in the last state I left it. How can I assure that when I hit the save button the dashboard is actually saved in the state I want it?

Are you clicking the back button? Cause KB maintains some things which means you can click back and get older versions of things.

No I am not using the back button. When I close the browser and reopen it
the dashboard is different and all of my visualizations are moved around.
This also happen when I navigate away from the screen using the tabs for
discovery, viz, etc. When I go back to the dashboard (utilizing the
dashboard Tab) I get a messed up dashboard.

If it helps I am using Version 43.0.2357.81 m as my browser on a windows

So I have even deleted the .kibana index and re-imported my dashboard into the new .kibana index with no change. If I navigate away from the dashboard page then come back to it (using the tabs and load dashboard button), or simply "new dashoard" button and reload the current dashboard all of my viz's move around.

Anyone have a suggestion on what to do about this? Any ideas on where to look for an error or why this is happening. I get a "Dashboard: Saved Dashboard as "Dashboard" ribbon on top of the screen when I save the dash so I'm not sure why it isn't saving it in the current state.


Maybe showing a few screenshots would help?

Ok so after exporting the desktop and importing it again I still had the same issue. I then exported all my viz's deleted the .kibana index, re-setup my indices in kibana and imported my viz's again. I then rebuilt the desktop (a pain but worth it) and now things seem to be working ok. Not sure what the issue was but it seems to have become resolved.

Thanks for the help