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i face the following issues in kibana 4 and kibana 5

MarkDown Widget:
Its working in kibana 4 but with kibana 5 it throws error dashboard not found when i click on hyperlink
LIne chart time in y axis:
In kibana 5 Scaling to y axis sets the yaxis correctly but with kibana 4 the same option gives me 2 extra time irrelevant to the graph
Sharing dashboard:
Sharing my dashboard with kibana 4 works out but with Kibana 5 i am not able to share my dashboard with others

can anyone help me on the above issues

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Let's take them one by one:

  1. Markdown widget: this issue happens because when you import the object from Kibana 4 to Kibana 5 (or any other version) it generates a new GUID for the object so the link in the Markdown widget will need to be updated to point to the object with the new GUID.

  2. Line chart: There were a lot of axis scaling fixes in 5.x and we don't backport them to 4.x. We only do 4.x releases for critical issues and security issues.

  3. Sharing dashboards: What is the problem specifically with dashboard sharing in 5.x? I need more details in order to help you here.

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Thanks @Marius_Dragomir.


I am not importing data from kibana 4 to kibana 5.I configured kibana 4 with different data and kibana5 with completely different data.
The thing is MarkDownWidget works with Kibana 4 but in kibana 5 when i click on the hyperlink(kind of) i get the error invalid dashboard id eventhough i have the given correct id.
2.Line chart
Thanks for the reply.
3.Sharing dashboard

The problem i face is in kibana 5 i click on share and i copy the url embed my IP address instead of localhost and try in others system within my own network but i face localhost refuses to connect error

Thank you

(Marius Dragomir) #4

How are you getting the dashboard ID in Kibana 5? The easiest way to do it in 5.4.0 is to copy the link location in the Dashboards list and use everything that's after /app/kibana:
Example dashboard link:

Markdown link:

What version of Kibana 5 did you try?

Regarding the sharing, that looks more like a firewall issue, not allowing incoming connections on the Kibana port (5601 by default). Can you make sure that the others can see the Kibana main page on from your local network?
Also, Kibana needs to have your LAN IP in the field.

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thank you @Marius_Dragomir

i was able to share my dashboard and markdown widget too worked

Thanks a lot

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Glad I could help!

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