Dashboard not showing lines correctly

Using Kibana 5.5.1

In my dashboard I am getting dots instead of a lines graph, if i go to the vizulation its shows the lines perfactly.

What could be wrong?




I might know what's happening here :). Before I can confirm though, can you please check if the timepicker has the same time range both in your dashboard and visualization?


Yes, its the same in both viz and dashboard. "Today", tried with different values.

Ok. Thank you for getting back to me. I will try to hunt around if we have a known bug and reproduce it my local.

Will keep you posted.


After upgrading from 5.4.0 to 5.5.1 I see this too. Any updates?


This should have been fixed in 5.5.1. https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/11958
Checking again.

Will keep you both posted for sure today. Apologies for the delay.


I can't reproduce this in my local at all. It's fixed and backported to 5.4.0.

cc @thomasneirynck
Thomas, any ideas about how I should reproduce this in my local?


If I edit my visualizations it is fixed. So it seems like the visualizations is stored in an old (?) way, that the visualize-view handles, but not the dashboard-view.

This is my visualization:

Before edititng it, it only has one metric-entry in "metrics & axes":

After changing a label, "metrics & axes" looks like this:

Notice two metric-entries with label and not just count.

I have upgraded my kibana/elasticsearch multiple times before. It may be that this visualization was created before 5.4.0.

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