Circles visible in line graph on dashboard

Circles from line graph still visible on dashboard. Within the visuaization took the circles are removed(the box is unchecked) but once added to a dashboard the circles reappear, and they are still missing from the visualization.

Hi there, could you please provide detailed steps on how to reproduce your issue? And, if possible, could you also provide screenshots of the problem?

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let me work on that tomorrw. I'll get screenshots of the panel config, the
visualization screen and then the dashboard it's published on

Here's the visualization config
[image: image.png]

This is what shows on the dashboard
[image: image.png]

I can get specific version info and such if you need or logs. let me know if there's something needed to maybe see what's occurring. Thanks

Thanks! I'm able to reproduce this locally. Would you mind filing an issue at You can just copy-paste everything from your posts so far. Could you @-mention me (@cjcenizal)? I'll make sure the relevant team members are notified so we can fix this.

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