Kibana - Show Circles

(David Neitz) #1

I'm in the process of upgrading my install to 5.4.1. I've run into a problem with Kibana in that the line graphs show the circles even when the check box is unckecked. I've noted in the json for a visualization that the params has a global showCircles which is false and all of the seriesParams also are false. Is this a bug? If I move up to version 5.5.2, will I still encounter this problem. I operate on a private network, so upgrades are very painful for me.

(Lukas Olson) #2

I've checked Kibana 5.4.3 and 5.5.2 and neither of them seem to have this issue.

(David Neitz) #3

I've completed my upgrade to 5.5.2 and I'm still seeing the points for line graphs. What am I missing here?

(Lukas Olson) #4

I'm not sure... Could you take a screenshot of the graph and the configuration panel?

(David Neitz) #5

The problem was one of the plugins I downloaded for kibana. I've removed all third party plugins with the exception of my plugins.

(system) #6

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