Add line series circle radius

Currently, line series can display or not circles and the radius of the circle is defined by the following

In some cases, user would prefer a fixed size radius not depending on line width to increase visibility of each points

  • Default line width with circles


  • 3.5 line width with circles


  • Default line width with 5 circle radius


Does it make sense to you ? If yes, then I can submit a PR with the Circle radius options added to Metrics & Axes tab.



Hi Francois,

thanks for your engagement. If you consider that kind of option useful it's of course worth a feature request or PR. We are currently replacing the plot chart implementation in all of your charts by a new implementation though: #17234

Maybe it would be better if you just open a feature request, and we implement this directly in the new chart, since I try to prevent much more chart implementation changes before we switch to the new implementation, since any modification we do now, will in the end postpone the new chart implementation a bit, because we need to bring it on par again.

So I would highly encourage you to open a feature request, but can't guarantee we would merge in any PR at this point in time.


Thanks Tim for sharing what looks to be the best approach. I'll probably wait for the new implementation. In any case, I've it working for 5.6 branch for now



Thanks a lot for your contribution! :elasticheart:

We anyway wouldn't backport this for 5.6 anymore, so I guess if you want to keep it running right now it's the best to maintain that. I would also for the future rather make this setting a "minimum circle size" instead. That way it would still work if you specify a "Point Size" metric, but without specifying it, it would behave as your solution.

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