Kibana 5.6 complaints

(Sjaak) #1


I just upgraded the 5.6 and I'm not so happy with it.

Some issues I noticed:

  • Metric boxes now need to be ridiculously big. I had three values displayed at 15pt and could tuck that away nicely. Same font size the box now need to be like 4 times as big to display properly. No idea why because it doesn't display any more data.

  • Metric gauge is nice but you can't adjust the font size so again you need to have ridiculously large boxes to have them displayed properly.

It would be nice if you could assign ranges per calculation as well. E.g. for upload, download and total MB have a separate range for each. I know you could just create three visualizations but...

  • Still not possible to hide visualization names.

  • Coordinate maps don't make sense either. It say you can plot data so I guess I could use lat lon data to create a route line? No idea how to set it up as the documentation page is useless.

Not a complaints but a future wish would be to have sub dashboards and group visualizations. E.g. Location A can have subdash loc a.1 loc a.2 etc. Being able to group visualizations would be very nice as well so you can have a set of visualizations for each location.

(Mark Walkom) #2

You can't do that, you never could, but there is a github request for it!

With the rest, please do feel free to raise feature requests for the other things, we're definitely open to improvements :slight_smile:

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