Create Visualizations - Index name missing & Dashboard - Can't add visualizations

Hi there, this is my first post and I'm "just" a Kibana user, not a developer, so please bear with me if info is missing :slight_smile:

We just upgraded to Kibana 7.2.0 and now I can't see the name of the indices anymore when creating a visualization, which is quite confusing:

Also, when I create a new dashboard, it says I don't have any visualizations to add although I have plenty of them (see screenshot above)

I have no idea what's happening - can somebody help? :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

Hi @ambmp,

Which version of Kibana are you upgrading from? This looks strange -- the fact that you can still see a paginated list and only missing text suggests a browser rendering issue. I haven't seen this issue on 7.2 and it's definitely something we would have noticed :wink:

Which browser are you using? Are you able to reproduce the issue in other browsers, and while opening Kibana in a private/incognito window?

Thanks @lukeelmers for the quick reply. We've upgraded from Kibana 6.5.?, maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to do? I've now tested it in both standard and private sessions in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (latest versions) and it doesn't work in any of them.
I just saw the note "Your browser does not meet the security requirements for Kibana." but that should be a different issue?

Also, I forgot to mention that I tried to refresh the indices and that didn't help either.

Actually, if you're seeing the security requirements note, that may have something to do with the issue. Perhaps it is failing to load the fonts?

Are you getting any messages in your browser console? (In chrome: View > Developer > Developer Tools and click the Console tab)

Sorry for being so quiet, I now had the chance to discuss the messages in the developer console with our developer and it looks like we found the problem. Thanks for your help!!

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