Deleted an index in Kibana Settings, and now all Kibana screens are blank

(Mark Hanford) #1

Hi folks.

I just deleted an old index in the Kibana Settings (an old logstash-product-* one, we have several products), and now my Kibana only shows the logo and menu-bar, with nothing but a white box below.

I'm not sure how to get anything back. It wasn't even the default index.

Kibana 4.2.0.

Kibana 4.3 showing blank pages after creating or deleting Indices
(Tanya Bragin) #2

Caching issue? What happens when you clear the cache?

(Vikas Gopal) #3

Hi Mark,

Have you resolved this issue , if yes please let us know how as i am also facing the same problem .I have opened another thread for the same but no luck yet .

(Mark Hanford) #4

I ended up applying a Kibana update, and the problem went away.

(Vikas Gopal) #5

strange !! for me problem is still there and i already have latest version that kibana 4.3 and ES 2.1

(system) #6