Dashboard and Timelion visualisations all missing

Hi all,
Running kibana 7.5.0 we had a nasty crash yesterday.
After recovering from the crash, all our visualizations were missing both in Dashboard and Timelion. Everything else seems ok, data is being ingested, indexes are there, but no visualisations.
I've seen some reports relating to missing .kibana index and indeed I don't have a .kibana. I do have .kibana_1 through _9 though.
Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot/ solve this (apart from recreating all my visualizations of course)?
I'm far from being an expert user so please, bear with me.

Best regards,

Hi @camjesus2,

Kibana is always looking for the .kibana index. To make safe migrations possible, it is not operating directly on that index but is using a suffixed index for the actual data and .kibana is just an alias (like a pointer) to the currently active one. It seems like in your case the alias got lost so kibana doesn't know what to do. You can try to recreate the alias pointing to the last kibana index like this:

POST /_aliases
    "actions" : [
        { "add" : { "index" : ".kibana_9", "alias" : ".kibana" } }

Make sure to restart the Kibana service after creating the alias

Hi @flash1293.
Thanks for your reply.
After a few glitches and adjustments, your suggestion did work.
Can't thank you enough.
Best regards

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