All visualization & Dashboard are gone after upgrade

Hello All,
I have upgraded Elastic Stack from 6.2 to 6.3 and since then all of my visualization and dashboard which I have created are gone. I can't see them at all, is there a way I can get them back?

Hi, did your .kibana index make it through the upgrade from 6.2 to 6.3?

When you run GET /_cat/indices/.kibana?v in Dev Tools, does the index status show that it is available and does the doc_count show the number of saved objects you expect to see?

Did you read the guide on upgrading system data to 6.3.x?

its just showing 1 doc and I didnt follow the upgrade guide :frowning: this means I lost all me visualization and dashboard ? no way to retrieve them?

any pointers?

Hi, if your .kibana index only has 1 doc, it looks like none of your saved objects from before the upgrade made it over. If you have a backup, that will be the only way at this point.

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