Is it normal for dashboards, index patterns, etc to disappear after upgrading?

I've upgraded both Elasticsearch and Kibana from 6.4.3 to 6.5.4. First, I upgraded Elasticsearch, while running Kibana 6.4.3 and everything was okay; I could still see my dashboards, index patterns, data visualizations, etc etc. I check monitoring and it was indeed running the new version of Elasticsearch with the older version of Kibana. So I guessed I made the Elasticsearch upgrade successfully.

However, after upgrading Kibana, all my dashboards, index patterns, disappeared. My Elasticsearch indices didn't disappear though, but I find it too tedious to start creating the index patterns and dashboards all over again. I thought it was all going to be saved in the Default space.

PS.: When running the new Kibana for the first and second time, I encountered a message saying that there was another instance of Kibana running, and through this forum I found out that by renaming the ".kibana" index to ".newkibana" in the kibana.yml file I could solve it. I solved it, but now all my work is gone :frowning:

Edit: I solved the issue by exporting the saved objects while running both old versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana, and then importing them when I ran the new version.

Kibana stores all the index patterns, dashboards, visualization and so on in the .kibana index. After renaming this index to .newkibana, Kibana can't find this information anymore. In order to get Your index patterns and visualizations/dashboards and alike back, You should stop Kibana and rename .newkibana index to .kibana index again.

Thanks for the reply.

I had .kibana originally, but Kibana created .kibana_1 and .kibana_2 and would get stuck saying something about migrating the index.

It was when I changed the name to .newkibana that I could run Kibana. In the dev tools section, I checked if .kibana had any saved object but it didn't have any.

However, I just managed to recover my saved objects by running again both old versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana and exporting the saved objects to a Json file, to then import them when I ran the new version.

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