Dashboards and index patterns lost after upgrade from 7 to 8

Hello, we recently upgraded from kibana version 7 to 8. In the previous version, we stored our configuration in the index named .kibana-abc_7.17.9_001. However, it appears that version 8 no longer supports this kind of indexing.

After the upgrade, the ".kibana" alias now points to the new index ".kibana_8.0.1_001". However, on comparing old and new indices, we noticed they are different and no custom dashboard information in the new index.

To resolve this, we redirected the ".kibana" alias back to the .kibana-abc_7.17.9_001 index, but we still can't see the dashboard and we're unsure if there are any compatibility issues.

When I run, "GET /.kibana-abc_7.17.9_001/_search?q=type:dashboard" I see some errors on this output piece at "searchSourceJSON" -

"kibanaSavedObjectMeta" : {
"searchSourceJSON" : """{"filter": , "query": {"query": "", "language": "kuery"}}"""

Any idea on how to fix this?

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update: I pointed both .kibana & .kibana_8.0.1 alias to .kibana-abc_7.17.9_001. I dont see any dashboards or data views

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