Missing objects after update

Hey there,

after updating kibana I am missing a few (that is not all, but some) of the dashboards and index-patters that have been there prior to the update. Some more background:

We have a multinode elasticsearch-cluster including two kibana-instances behind a loadbalancer. We postponed the update of elasticsearch and kibana v7.9.1 to v8.x as long as we could (more than a year now), after it broke some things in our test-cluster. Today was the day we wanted to update the productive cluster.
First surprise: elasticsearch was already updated to 7.17.3 while kibana was still on 7.9.1. Nevertheless we updated kibana to 7.17.3 without any problems (at first sight).

Now we see, that some dashboards as well as index-patterns are missing after the update of kibana. I can find the dashboards in some very old indizes with names like ".kibana_4". But they cannot be found in the .kibana_7.17.3_0001 (which .kibana also points to).
This cluster is very old, I guess it has been around already when kibana was at version 3. For sure I know that kibana/elasticsearch 6.x was still in use when I started at this company.

Is there a way to extract the dashboards from the indices to recover them (I think I will recreaty the index-patterns manually instead of recover them somehow)?
Alternatively: We have a snapshot of all .kibana* indices before we have done the update, how would I use that snapshot to recover the dashboards now that we are on v7.17.3?

Here is what the problem was.
It turns out sometime ago there must have been a kibana 7.17.3 running agains the cluster. That is why there was already an index .kibana_7.17.3_001 with all the saved objects at that time.
When we upgraded kibana (again) there was no need for the migration of saved_objects as there already was the desired index (.kibana_7.17.3).

Obviously a very specific problem to a stupid mistake we did.

Solution was to stop kibana, delete index .kibana_7.17.3. Point the alias .kibana to index .kibana_4 again and boot up kibana again. Then see how all the migration is done by kibana automatically.

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