Kibana not showing the saved dashboard

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  1. All of a sudden our Kibana dashboard stopped showing the saved dashboards. There is no upgrade done on Elasticsearch and Kibana. Please let me know how to get the saved dashboards

  2. I have by mistake deleted all the indexes. How to re-generate indexes from the nodes folder?

(New indexes are created with the newer data. if the point 2 is not possible, At least this should be visible in Kibana dashboard with the saved dashboard configuration)

ES Version: 1.7.3
Kibana Version: 4.1.2

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You are out of luck. If you deleted the indices then the dashboards are also gone, as KB stores them in ES.

Thank you for your response. But before doing it so, the dashboard was lost. I am wondering how come

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Was it only dashboard or visualisations were also gone?

Dashboard deletion should be visible in Kibana logs.

Sometimes the old bug kicks in and dashboard changes are not saved - or being saved in a duplicated object.

Another answer is index deletion oustide of Kibana.

Also shard corruption can cause it ( tho I havent experienced it anywhere in es 2.x family ). Some of my colleagues had it in 1.5