How to get deleted dashboards and visualizations in kibana

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hi there!

is there anyway to get back deleted dashboards and visualizations in kibana?
coz' someone deleted accidentally. my dashboards are gone :disappointed_relieved:

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The dashboards and visualizations are saved inside the .kibana index on your Elasticsearch cluster. If you had backup done to it, you can recover them from there, but otherwise there is now way.
To prevent this from happening, you can call the Import/Export API in Kibana at a regular time from a script and save backups for them.

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hi @Marius_Dragomir

Thank you for your reply.

now i don't see .kibana index also
the one i notice that .raw is missing in fields list. i saw .keyword instead of .raw
why it change? how to get back .raw?

this problem started after cleaning data.

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