Backup dashboard in Kibana


I created a dashboard and it was beautiful and impressive
Something goes wrong with my index and because of that I found myself delete the index and recreate it to fix the problem
but then I have found that there was no dashboard anymore😞
It was deleted
And it was so disappointing

There is a way to backup a dashboard so I won’t need to recreate it if there is need to recreate the index?

It’s important to me

There's a few options.

  1. In the UI, management -> saved objects -> export everything. This will get searches, visualizations, and dashboards. Index patterns will have to be re-added
  2. There's a newer API for exporting dashboards, although it's still undocumented. Kibana import/export dashboard api offers some pointers on how to use it.
  3. At a low level, saving the .kibana index. All kibana state is saved in the .kibana index, so you can snapshot/restore, or use another tool to dump all the documents.

hope this helps

Thanks a lot​:pray:t2::slight_smile:

welcome..hope it helped.

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