How to take backup of dashboards in Kibana

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We want to backup the dashboards. How can we do it?
When I removed license, and the x-pack, I lost all my dashboards created by metric.
Please guide.

(Jon Budzenski) #2

There's a few options.

  1. In the UI, management -> saved objects -> export everything. This will get searches, visualizations, and dashboards. Index patterns will have to be re-added
  2. There's a newer API for exporting dashboards, although it's still undocumented. Kibana import/export dashboard api offers some pointers on how to use it.
  3. At a low level, saving the .kibana index. All kibana state is saved in the .kibana index, so you can snapshot/restore, or use another tool to dump all the documents.

(Sunil Chaudhari) #3

Thanks for this.
However When I export say "My-Dashboard", it exports in json format with default name "export.json'.
So if I export say 10 dashboards, it exports with same default name.
How can I make it export with the dashboard name, so that next time I can select particular dashboard by looking at the name.
As workaround I have to rename those 10 dashboards after export.


(Jon Budzenski) #4

Unfortunately with that option there's no way to do it other than exporting multiple dashboards in one export.json. You can select multiple checkboxes.

The dashboard API is probably the better option if you need to set names, you can pipe the output to your filename of choice.

Does that help?

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