How to save dashboard as json file

Hi, I have created a dashboard with multiple visualizations. how can I export dashboard with visualizations as json file, so that I can use it to load from a link on my web page?

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I am using Kibana 4.1

You can export saved dashboards, visualizations, and searches from Settings >> Objects (see below)

Remember to export associated visualizations and searches alongside the dashboard... just clicking on dashboard export does not automatically include dependent objects.


Thanks Tanya, once we got the json file, where to copy this file so that we can load the dashboard ? I copied to $KIBANA_HOME/src/public/plugins/dashboard/test.json and trying to access through http://IP:5601/index.html#/dashboard/file/test.json, it is going to discover view instead of Dashboard view.

You can copy it anywhere on the host where you want to import the dashboard, and import it through the UI in the same place ("Import" button is right next to "Export").

The purpose of this exercise is to load the dashboard in to an IFrame through a link/URL using the json file. Our constraint is User should not open Kibana and do imports.or export.

Ah, I misunderstood. Usually saving a dashboard in JSON is for the purposes of archiving it or loading on another instance.

To include a Kibana dashboard in an iFrame, use the "Share" link on the Dashboard page:

@tbragin am using Kibana 4 and i am trying to automate the dashboards between the environments using ansbile... is it possible to import and export a dashboard using curl or through script or copying the imported .json (which contains saved searches) file to any of the server location or is there any other way through which i can achieve it..
Thanks in advance!

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Absolutely, a lot of users do that. All information pertaining to saved objects (dashboards, visualizations, saved searches, index patterns) is saved in the .kibana index in Elasticsearch. You can examine this index structure to see what you need to do there.

Im unable to export the dashboard as you shown. Im using kibana 4.0.2. @tbragin

The JSON export feature was introduced in Kibana 4.1

I fixed this, by creating .kibana index and loaded all the saved searches, visualizations and dashboards.

thanks :smile:

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Hi Rajesh,
would you like to share your experience to me? How did you achieve this? the brief steps should be great. Thank you.

Hi Tanya,
The feature you described here creates a json file representing all dashboards (available in my kibana 4.1). How can I get a json file of a specific dashboard? Thanks. -- Jamal

@tbragin @rajeshdommati @bounddog Hey I am also working where I am creating the json file having dashboard and visualization using programs so can you guys please tell me how can I automate the json file directly into kibana.