If you save dashboard as json, does it save visualization as well?


I am trying to create development environment and production environment for Kibana dashboard (two separate VMs). Idea is to work on dev environment, export json -> import json in production environment.

If I work on new dashboard with new visualizations (or update visualization), then save only dashboard json, would it import all of the new visualizations into production? or do I need to save all of the visualizations as well?

If I have to save each visualization used in my dashboard, do I have to save each object separately? or can I save all of the visualizations and dashboard as one json and import it?

I do not want to save all of saved objects.

You can export everything at once if you want, then import it.

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Thanks. I just want to know what happens if I export a dashboard from outside source, and then import to my own kibana, would it create that dashboard without problem?

Also, can I modify each visualizations as well? I am not sure importing the dashboard would create each visualization as saved objects..

Here is my understanding:

  1. each visualization is saved as saved object.
  2. dashboard uses each visualization.
  3. dashboard is tied to each visualization.
  4. so I would need each visualization saved objects for a dashboard that uses it.

If I am misunderstanding, please let me know. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I cant see why it would create a problem.

That is correct.

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