Store visualizations/dashboards as code and deploy them on the elasti stack environment


I have an interesting use case and I would like to know if it's possible to avoid creating the same visualizations/dashboards multiple times.

I have two elastic stack environments. One environment will be only for the data from staging and the other one for the data from production. The data from both stages have the exact same structure.

We would like to know if it's possible to deploy the visualization/dashboard to each elastic stack environment and to have them stored as code in a repository, in order to be sure that each time they are in sync. Maybe to do an API call and to create/update all the visualization/dashboards.

Thank you!

You can do this using the import and export APIs Import objects API | Kibana Guide [8.3] | Elastic Export objects API | Kibana Guide [8.3] | Elastic

The saved objects (dashboards, visualizations and so on) are stored as an ndjson file you can also commit into version control

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