Json dashboard display from kibana-3 to 5.2

I am currently using one json dashboard for kibana-3.0 now i migrated to kibana-5.2.2 and json file for display in kibana-3.0 is placed in /var/www/html/app/dashboards/.json file and it working dashboard now when i try import to kibana 5.2 it not even loading that dashboard file and not even showing error?

The dashboards between 3 and 4/5 are not compatible, you need to rebuild them.

does kibana-5.2 save the dashboard in which extension? .json only

It saves them to ES, but you can export to json.

yeah when i save the dashbioard in kibana 3.0 it is saving in ES right ,but how to get that es file means path of es,i tried in searching that saved dashboard once but didnt found that...

Sorry, I am not understanding what you are asking.

means how to export ES and where it will be located.

If you export then it will ask you where to save it.
See https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/managing-saved-objects.html

Dashboards built in Kibana 3 can not be loaded or used in Kibana 4/5.

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