How to migrate the existing json dashboards in 3.x to 4.x/5?


We have some json dashboards defined in the kibana-3.1.2/app/dashboards/, they worked fine with ElasticSearch 1.5.2, now we are testing and want to move to ElasticSearch 5/Kibana 5. My questions,

  1. how to migrate these existing json dashboards?
  2. I saw that kibana 5 has an embeded server, is it still possible to deploy kibana 5 into Tomcat container like kibana 3.x did?

Thanks much!

You need to rebuild these dashboards from scratch, the underlying analysis that KB 3 used was removed in KB 4.

Thanks Mark! and any possibility that deploy kibana 5 into Tomcat container instead of starting it standalong?

Why would you want to do that?
But honestly, I don't know if you can.

We have web applications and deployed kibana 3 also on the same Tomcat container together. just from security point of view, reuse the port of Tomcat and avoid to start a new process.