Kibana 4.2 generates "too small to render ..."

When I changed to use Kibana 4.2 (from 4.1), index data can be seen through lower window not the top one. I.e, I can search and show data but not the graphs.

No matter how I changed the time unit, day/hour/minute/second, no graph can be shown except:

"too small to render ..."

How to fix this issue?


I figured it out. It is due to the screen resolution problem. After I use windows as a client (higher resolution) , the graph is coming back.

I wonder why Kibana 4.2 doesn't work under 1024x768 while 4.1 works fine.

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Could you post the two screenshots? Maybe it's something we can fix in a bugfix release.


I have the same problem over here. However I have a screen resolution of 1920x1200. Using FF.


Basically, Kibana will show this error when the visualization doesn't make sense to render in a tiny space you've allocated for it on the dashboard. So, yeah, either bump up the resolution, or increase the size of the visualization on the dashboard by dragging it on the corner.


I have 2 envoriments, both 1920x1200, both Firefox. However in the first situation it works just fine, but in the other I get this message "This container is too small to render". This first situation uses Firefox 24, the other Firefox 17, this can not be upgraded.