Can't visualize data in Kibana

Hello folks,

i have indexed apache logs using logstash and store it in Elasticsearch, now i want to visualize this data using Kibana,

i can discover the data as shown in the first picture but when i want to visualize the data always i got (No results found )

That's extremely odd, assuming these images were taken pretty close to one another. You clearly have values for the last 24 hours there; according to Discover, 277 values.

I really doubt this will help, but you could try refreshing the field list in settings. Everything looks right in the screenshots though.

What version of Kibana are you using?

Yes i didn't understand the problem, or what causes to that.

I'm using kibana-4.5.0 version.

Which search are you using on the Visualize tab?
Maybe you have a filter there and just forgot.

Look at the spy panel (Arrow on the bottom part of the visualization content pane).

Look at request, response (you can curl the same request and see what happens).