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I need help figuring out on how to make those data on the attached files into a graphical representation.


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Hi Glenn, what kind of graphical representation are you hoping for? Can you provide an example? A good starting point might be to consider the various types of visualizations available through the Visualize app.

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Either line, vertical or pie chart. I'd like to show the data based on my logs but I don't know how to grab those data specifically.

For instance, I'd like to count the "FrameCount", "ClockRenderTime", "TotalTaskRenderTime", and "JobAverageRenderTime" every time a new logs get ingested. This will give as a good metric\reporting from our render farm utilization. All these data are on the message field in kibana. Creating the graph doesn't show that message field.


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Does anybody know how to create this graph from my data logs?


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