How to do a line graph of mean data?

I am currently trying to graph some data(totalProcessingTime) in a line graph. You can see this from the table of raw data. I would like to graph the raw data or its mean value. Unfortunately all I can seem to visualise is the count. Can someone please demonstrate how I can achieve this.

PS - I know this is really old version of kibana but the system that creates the data uses a older version of elastic search too and I cant change this!

Click the little gear icon at the top of the histogram and change the mode from "count" to "mean"

Thanks for replying. I have tried that and it doesn't show anything. From memory the reload icon just twirls around too.

From the histogram settings, when I click the 'chart value' and select 'max' or 'mean' another box open named 'Value field' appears. I have entered the field totalProcessingTime(full name starts with log-example....). when I do this I get an exception, from what I remember! When I start typing the only field that appears is '_type'! Hope someone can help.

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