Line charts not shown correctly after migrating from 5.1.2 to 5.5.2


Hi all,

I am running a single instance of ELK on one server installed by using the tar files.
Currently I am preparing an update from 5.1.2 to 5.5.2 on a local dev environment.
I just stopped ELK 5.1.2. merged the config from 5.1.2 into 5.5.2 and started the new version.

Now I am checking if our dashboards are still working, and unfortunately I have some issue found:

some lines are not shown. If I move my mouse over the blank area, I get some tooltips at the points, where the graph should be.

If I go to the vizualization, then everything seems ok: All 3 lines are shown:

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Andreas


I think I found the issue.
I noticed that some charts with multiple lines are working fine and on some only 1 line of many is shown.

Here is my configuration, how it is shown in 5.5.2 of a broken chart:

currently it looks like, that only charts are affected, which are showing multiple metrics. If I split per term and show the same metric, it works.

If I check the Metrics & Axes tab, you can see the following:

You can see a count metrics, but I only have configured avg metrics.

And now, if I reload the viz page by hitting F5 (without saving anything) and commit the changes by using the "play" button, I get the following:

all correct metrics are shown. after saving the viz it is shown correctly in the dashboard.

So where is the problem? Did I miss anything during the migration? Can I automate it, because we have hundreds of panels...

Thanks, Andreas


I withdraw the point, that all term splitted charts are ok.

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I'm glad to hear you were able to resolve your problem.


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