Split chart bring graph warning that single graph don't

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First of all, hello community ! Just attended the elastic{ON}tour in Sydney and really enjoyed it.

Here is my case, I'm just graphing the load average from metricbeat to get a nice output.
One of my servers is giving a flat line with no data with the error (sometimes) : "Part of the entire area chart might not be displayed due to nul values in the data. A line chart is recommended when displaying data with null values."
Well ok, I don't really have null data but ok.

So the same server (the second from the top) is now filtered to be the only one displayed. And as you can see it is displayed accordingly .... I can see potential null values on the light yellow graph but it stil display correctly ....

Am I missing something ?

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I'm not totally familiar with your data structure, so it's difficult for me to reproduce the issue. What are the different Y-axis metrics you've defined?

One place that you can look in order to track down data issues is the spy panel. It allows you to examine the exact request that kibana generates and the response that elasticsearch returns.

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Hi BigFunger,

first of all thanks for the tip on the spy panel, it's an invaluable tool that I totally missed until now.

My data structure is very standard since it's just the cpu load output from metricbeat 5.0.1
I can see that there are some 0 values on the load average 1 field.

But I quite don't get why Kibana is able to graph it accordingly on a single server request but can't process the same exact request with a split chart on term beat.hostname.....

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Are you still having issues with this graph?
Can you try something for me if you are? Can you swap the aggregations?

Also, how are you filtering by the value in the second graph? I don't see your filter bar/search box in the screen shots.


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