Kibana keeps displaying notice about area charts and null values even after I change the chart type

I'm on elasticsearch and kibana 6.0.0-rc2. After creating some area graphs I get the notice

Parts of or the entire area chart might not be displayed due to null values in the data. A line chart is recommended when displaying data with null values.

So I tried changing the chart type to both bar and line but the message persists. I'm hoping I don't have to delete the visualization all together and redo it.


Hmmm, let's see if we can get to the bottom of this. Could you share a screenshot of your visualization configuration?


I think I see whats happening. This happened after I added some new fields to my index and started populating them with data. If I'm graphing a timeframe that includes the time before those fields were added then they are in fact null and thus the message appears. If I change the timeframe to only include the time after I started populating those new fields then the message goes away. So I'm not sure how that situation should be handled by kibana.

On a related note, I see that the type listed on the visualization page does not change even after I change the type in the visualization its self. For example if I create an area graph and then go back and change it to a line graph it still shows as being an area graph on the visualizations page. Perhaps thats why the message about null data kept displaying even after I changed the chart type?

Here's a screenshot of the graph.

Thanks for your help!


And here you can see that the visualization is listed as being an area since that what it was when I created it whereas its in fact now a bar and line graph.

Ah ha! Thanks for figuring this out and sharing this with me. This is immensely helpful. I'm not sure why that message persists but it's definitely a confusing message in this context. I've created two issues which you can subscribe to if you want to track our progress towards addressing them:

Thanks again!


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