Disable annoying Hover messages "kibana Parts of or the entire chart might not be displayed due to null values in the data"


Hello there,
I got several area charts which do produce from time to time empty values due to Deployments.
When this occurs, the Dashboard is overwritten by a huge Textfeld which says:

"kibana Parts of or the entire chart might not be displayed due to null values in the data. A line chart is recommend..."

Lets say i don't want to create line charts and keep my area charts. How do i get rid of this Message?
I want to disbale this notification entirely.
Is there a way?
Thank you,

(Joe Fleming) #2

There's no way to disable this warning. The warning is important to pay attention to, and what it's trying to tell you is that the area chart is not be showing your data correctly. If I recall correctly, that warning comes up when there is some data that is not being shown.

So why would the area chart not show data? Well, let's say you have an interval on the X-axis such that one interval has a value, but the intervals on either side of it do not. For example, you are showing data in 10 minute intervals, and at 11:10, you have no data, 11:20 you have some data, and 11:30 no data again. That data at 11:20 can't be shown on an area chart since there is no area under a single point.

A line chart will at least show that point floating at 11:20.

A histogram/bar chart will most likely be closer to what you are looking for, as it will have an "area" at 11:20 in the form of the bar height, regardless of the values on either side.

Hopefully that makes sense.


Thank you. Bar Chart it is..although i really like these curvy area charts!

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