Null values appear in line chart with value 0.00

Good morning,
I have a doubt, i have an index with a lot of values of a field with null values in search. When i plot this field in line chart of kibana this all values appears with the 0.00 value. Why catch the value 0.00 if really is null or -? How can i delete this value from the chart if in the same register there are 2 diferent fields that i plot too and they are'mt null?

Can you share more details on your data, and show how your chart is configured? I threw together a quick line chart using an index with null values, and it rendered properly without any dips to 0:

in the discover i have for example this values with null an other with number

in the table bisualization all the null values appear as 0


this is the line chart configuration:

in the same chart y want to plot the 3 metric sum but not if they have null value.

do you understand now?

I think so; you're trying to avoid these dips:

If you were to omit the null values, what would you expect to see in its place?
You could set the "missing" property on your sum metrics to provide a fixed value if it's missing:

If is null value i don't want this line appear in the right and in the graph. only the values not null values. if is null value never it has a value so i don't want this line in thje chart

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